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marlborough amateur boxing club

6 Elcot Ln, Marlborough SN8 2BA

Try boxing for Free 

Come along to and enjoy your first session free to see if boxing is for you


-Ask any boxer what’s it like to stand in the ring for the first time and they’ll say there’s nothing like it!

Although the club will provide some equipment, over time it is expected all who attend on a regular basis have basic equipment i.e. gloves 12oz Junior 14oz Senior, hand wraps, breast plates for girls and basic keep fit attire.

Carded boxers (ones’ able to and willing to box in amateur competitions) will have to attend a minimum of two times a week. We will sell the boxing club shorts and vest for those wishing to compete as well as club hoodies.

Note: Anyone wishing to use the club other than under ABA rules, has to do so under their own insurances and liabilities as the club will not be held liable for injury or harm to any participants who are not under ABA regulations and training with qualified ABA coaches.

All newcomers will need to fulfil a health form notifying us of any medical condition we should be made aware of and next-of-kin for us to conform with ABA regulations.


As Low As

£5/session – seniors

£4/session – juniors

 Marlborough has a history of boxing and back in our Olympic year of 2012, Marlborough ABC was awarded funding to renovate and build an amateur  boxing club. 

The dedicated boxing club has undergone continuous renovation and upgrading since then under the supervision of head coach Jamie.


First Session Fee

Fitness Benefits.

  • Weight Loss
  • Running Speed
  • Cardio
  • Muscle Building
  • Athlete Training
  • Dexterity


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Gym H0urs 


Juniors (16 and under) Monday & Wednesday  7- 8.30pm



Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm – 8pm